Set Design and Build

Whitebait Studio

Whitebait-TV is a modern, purpose-built 2036m/sq world class television production and post production facility - a one-stop shop from script to screen.

The spacious and client-focused Whitebait-TV facility opened in early 2009 and is the first of its kind in New Zealand. It features two television studios, including one of the largest in the country at 594m/sq.

ShowQuip engineers were faced with a very large empty building which required state-of-the-art set and lighting rigging requirements. The first phase of the project was to fabricate and install purpose steel beams to carry four large motorised truss lighting grids on special movable trolleys allowing the space to be configured quickly.

Sixteen specially imported Stagemaker motorised hoists on a 400 box truss take care of all the cameras, lights and set. The grid positioning is made easier via a motor controller housed in the control room.

The Trusts Arena, Waitakere

ShowQuip built and installed trusses at The Trusts Arena

The Trusts Arena, part of the Waitakere Trusts Stadium Complex, is a multi-purpose event and entertainment facility which hosts a broad range of events including conventions, trade shows, music concerts and local, national and international sporting events.

In conjunction with The Arena Management and other interested parties ShowQuip researched and designed a Mother Grid system of trusses to allow riggers to work safely to install production rigging typically required for the various staged productions that this venue wishes to attract.

ShowQuip built and installed trusses at The Trusts Arena

The Mother Grid comprises 3 parallel runs of structural aluminium alloy box truss supported from 3 of the main roof trusses and aligned to allow Line Array PA systems to be rigged and a range of lighting and scenic truss combinations above the stage.

The truss for the Mother Grid was fabricated by ShowQuip in Christchurch to exacting international standards under license to Total Fabrications [UK based manufacturer] based on the loading specification for their Extra Heavy Duty truss design.

The project also involved liaison with the building structural engineers throughout the project, load testing of the roof trusses to verify the increased load carrying capacity required for production rigging, design of connections to the roof trusses and installation and commissioning of the completed project. This was finalised in September 2009.

Les Mills Fitness Centre, Christchurch

ShowQuip built custom lighting trusses for Les Mills Christchurch

ShowQuip were commissioned to supply and install custom lighting truss modules in what is one of New Zealand’s best fitness centres.

Lifeguard Observation Tower

ShowQuip built Lifeguard Observation Tower

From time to time we get requests that allow us to help local bodies and clubs and an application which can save lives was a no-brainer.

The Christchurch North Beach Surf Club lifesavers now have a purpose-built portable observation tower that gives the lifeguards a higher advantage point to keep an eye on swimmers. Local club members came up with a basic draft and the ShowQuip engineers took the plan and made it happen.

The lightweight alloy tower is portable, easy to pack away and store to thwart vandalism.