Entertainment Truss, Rigging and Stage Consultancy

There is increasing common ground in the use of audio, lighting, staging, video and effects equipment and venues.

This is happening throughout corporate, concert, film & television, and theatrical production.

However, it often happens that the venue chosen to stage an event was not designed for this purpose.

With the Health and Safety Act of 1990 now well entrenched, the responsibilities and risks associated with staging and rigging in NZ are best managed by specialists in the entertainment industry.

Our consulting service is well known to provide access to such specialists, and operates NZ wide. The services are as extensive as they are varied.

Experienced personnel are available to:

  • visit and assess a venue
  • assess unique technical needs
  • listen to your ideas and help develop them
  • modify our designs to suit your needs
  • help you source specialist equipment
  • design / certify rigging equipment / installations