The new RSC LightLock, proudly available from ShowQuip

ShowQuip are proud to be able to offer new, award-winning technology. Developed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the RSC Lightlock is a motion dampening unit which allows moving head lighting fixtures to be rigged on very lightweight hanging or flown structures.

Designers will gain a new level of flexibility, with fixtures being able to be installed on pantographs, discreet pipe battens, or even just aircraft cable. This ability to achieve cleaner installations will allow moving lights to be used in more applications than ever before.

The RSC Lightlock received the only PLASA Gold Award for Innovation given to date. PLASA 09 saw the debut of the production units by our associates at Total Solutions Group. With exclusive rights from the RSC, Total Structures and Total Solutions Group will manufacture and distribute this revolutionary new product around the world.

More information and videos of the RSC Lightlock in use can be found at

The main benefits of RSC Lightlock, the RSC's lighting invention, are:


The device enables the creative benefits of moving lights to be used in a broader variety of theatre, TV and film situations as it removes the need for heavy duty mounting infrastructure.


Use of lightweight rigging means that the moving light can be situated virtually anywhere and the halting of movement ensures that there are no ‘out of action’ moving lights.

Quiet Operation

The RSC Lightlock emits low noise levels, which allows its use during live performances.

Health and Safety

The RSC Lightlock reduces the need for bridges or trusses and therefore reduces the need for working at height when maintaining or adjusting a light.

Cost efficiency

Moving lights can be maintained at ground level by lowering the rig to where staff can safely maintain or adjust them. Avoiding working at height results in significant time savings for the entertainment industry.


A lighting designer can choose to create the same design with a smaller rig, resulting in a cost saving and environmental benefit.