Entertainment Rigging

Truss, motors and rigging go hand in hand and, over the years, ShowQuip has built up a variety of products fabricated in-house to service this need.

Pickup Beams

This is a product that must be tailored to the truss it is intended to hang. It dispenses with the traditional span set and makes for a cleaner more secure interface. All these products are certified to cater for the stress and loading capabilities of the application intended.

ShowQuipPickUpBeam6006          Bump beam


Lift All       

liftall Lift-All® has grown to become the largest and most well known sling manufacturer in North America. They manufacture the most complete line of slings available. Showquip import the Tuflex®Roundslings and Soft Steel range into New Zealand to make sure you're getting the best products for overhead lifting and load securement.

Contact the sales team for all your lifting requirements. 

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Chain Bags and Brackets

bi quadro Bi-Quadro Chain Bags are rectangular bags for many of the most famous electric chain hoists used in the entertainment industry, such as Classic and New Lodestar, Chain Master, Liftket, GIS type and RWM chain hoist for upright or inverted hoist use.

Available in 5 sizes, the bags are held by two high resistance polyester straps which take the weight of the chain and distribute it over the upper metal frame.

The two straps criss-cross at the bottom to increase the loading capacity and prevent the bottom from falling through even in the case of very long chains.

The strength and flexibility of the fabric, the quality of the sewing and the certified materials ensures Bi Quadro chain bags remain the unrivalled lifting accessory.


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Wing Brackets are a Bi-Quadro exclusive design for Lodestar chain bag brackets.

The four wings help to distribute the load of the chain bag to the body of the hoist, reducing bending moments and shock loads on the attachment Swing Bolt.

The Last link of the Load Chain can be attached to the swing bolt with the connection link.

The innovative wing design prevents the bracket from swinging and losing grip, giving the chain bag a safer attachment point.