Ron StageMaster Load Monitoring 

ShowQuip are proud to be representing Eilon Engineering's Ron StageMaster Load Cell system in New Zealand. ShowQuip are excited to offer the Ron StageMaster load monitoring system here in New Zealand for the first time. Hire and sales options available.


Showquip has the Ron StageMaster 6000 system which is a wireless load cell system that can host up to 200 cells per monitoring station with multiple monitoring stations possible. The system communicates wirelessly to a PC laptop via a receiver, eliminating messy cabling. The result is an easy-to-install system, which is essential in many facets of the entertainment industry. View the catalog here to see all the other different systems available.

MARKETPLACE add 2.5X2.25 inch 3c

Advantages of Ron StageMaster™                                                

  • Continuous monitoring:  “always on” continuous monitoring, absolutely no sleep or stand-by modes!
  • Longer transmission range: Up to 2/3 mile/ 1 km (optional).
  • Up to 96 load cell measurements displayed on one laptop screen, creating a real time load map. Practically unlimited number of load cells.
  • Proven wireless and load cell technology since 1976. Ron StageMaster™ technology has been proven in the field for the last three decades, and is being continuously tested by customers with extremely high safety standards, such as NASA, Boeing, Martin Lockheed, and others.
  • Expandability: Easily expandable by simply purchasing more load cells. Practically unlimited number of load cells.
  • Modularity: The load cells of several systems can be integrated into one large system and one large system can be split to several smaller systems, each with a different number of load cells. This feature is very important for the rental market, as well as for touring shows.
  • Slave-Master option: For increased range, harsh conditions, and the ability to monitor several halls in one control room.
  • Multi-channel transmission to ensure reliable and continuous load monitoring.
  • Wide variety of frequencies available to suit various environmental conditions.
  • Real time load map allows for instant reaction to overloads: All wireless and wired load cells are displayed on one laptop screen as a real-time load map, enabling the operator to identify the location of the overload immediately and take swift preventative action. Alternatively, the optional set points can be used to immediately stop the motor in case of an overload occurrence.
  • Completely wireless system: Plug and play, no cables required.
  • Single wire model for fixed installations.
  • Wireless + Wired: The wireless system may be integrated with the Ron StageMaster™ 5000 Single Cable System and together they are able to monitor, on one screen, a total of 328 load cells. This could include up to 72 wireless load cells and 256 wired load cells on single cable.
  • Continuous unlimited data logging Multiple reports and a downloadable data log with the history of months of continuous measurements.
  • Works with any controller to provide automatic E-stop and overload/ under-load alarm.
  • Our load cells have the highest quality and safety features. For example: The load cells are made of aerospace steel; they have a 90° angle between shackle holes that reduces the influence of external moments; they employ an internal safety mechanism ensuring that the displayed data is the exact data that was transmitted by the load cells, and more.


● Additional features and options of Ron StageMaster™  ● 

  • Optional additional channels (3rd and 4th) for large number of load cells and for harsh conditions.   
  • Optional slave / Master for increased range, harsh conditions, and the ability to monitor several halls in one control room.
  • Optional set points enable stopping the hoist when an overload or underload situation occurs.
  • Optional Logical zoom in and zoom out feature.


Ron used the world over

Based on proven technologies in use since 1976, Ron systems are used by top companies worldwide such as NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce and more. In the world of entertainment, RSM systems are the preferred choice for load monitoring in the largest venues and theatres like the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Sydney Opera, Hong Kong Cultural Center, Royal Shakespeare UK, Olympic Park Munich, Swiss TV and Esplanade Theatres Singapore. RSM systems are used by top rigging and rental companies such as Kish Rigging, Tait, and PRG and are utilized on tours the world over such as Rammstein, AC/DC and many others. 


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