Moveable / Portable Stage for Conference, Convention and Exhibition Use

If you have a venue where you need staging that can be stored, moved and altered, happiness is lightweight decks that are easy to handle which you can erect quickly and easily without tools. The versatility of ShowQuip’s portable staging means it can be configured to the dimensions you require and the interlocking joins mean there is no movement or gap between them. Stability can be increased with diagonal braces between the legs and the height can be adjusted with adjustable/ telescopic legs.

Once packed away, the stage decks can be stored on dollies that are custom made to fit in lifts and storage areas.

Lighting Truss and Rigging for Conference, Convention and Exhibition Use

Lighting truss and rigging for conference, convention and exhibition events is usually permanently installed. This is where custom-made truss really pays dividends. You can have it manufactured to your exact strength, weight and size specifications so it lasts, is optimally configured and complies with all OSH and industry regulations.

ShowQuip’s modern workshop has supplied lighting truss for most of New Zealand’s top exhibition and conference venues.